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Mr. Nadali

Mr. Baheri

About Us

PaydarSaz Shimi Co was found in 2010 in purpose of producing PVC additives especially heat stabilizers. This company relies on its well educated staff in order to produce high quality PVC additives.

Due to technical knowledge and experiences of our experts in PVC industries, this company provides technical consultant in addition to producing PVC additives.

Alongside producing PVC additives we produce paint dryers & plasticizers.

PaydarSaz Shimi Co. offers its products under tradenames below:

1.       Liquid Heat stabilizer based on metal carboxylates. (PayaStab)

2.       One Pack Powder Heat Stabilizer. (PayaPak)

3.       PVC Lubricants. (PayaLub)

4.       Plasticize & ESBO. (PayaFlex)

5.       Paint Dryers. (PayaDry)

6.       Antioxidants. (PayaNox)

7.       2-Ethyl Hexanoic Acid

8.       PVC Lab Equipment. (PayaTherm)

9.       Optical Brightner. (PayaTrans)