Briefly about the company Paydarsaz Chemi in English

Paydarsaz Chemi Company was founded in 1392 with the aim of producing various additives for Polyvinyl Chloride (PVC). The primary focus of the company has been the production of heat stabilizers and primary/secondary plasticizers. Leveraging expertise and technical knowledge, Paydarsaz Chemi successfully pioneered the localization of the PVC industry, producing high-quality and competitively priced products.

Our company provides a diverse range of services to ensure customer satisfaction, including:

  • Production version preparation
  • Product standardization
  • Laboratory equipment

These services are offered to the PVC industry of the country. Our customers span diverse fields such as granulation, synthetic leather production, wire and cable manufacturing, flexible and dry film production, as well as plastisols and organosols.

Our manufactured products are marketed under the following brand names:

  1. Liquid heat stabilizers based on lead (PayaTin)
  2. Liquid heat stabilizers based on metal carboxylates (PayaStab)
  3. Compounded powder heat stabilizers (PayaPak)
  4. Softeners and epoxidized oils (PayaFlex)
  5. PVC lubricants (PayaLub)
  6. Dioctyl hexanedioic acid

Paydarsaz Chemi Company continues to pursue its goals of quality and innovation in the PVC industry, contributing to its growth and development, aiming for an influential role in this field and striving for further success.

The company is dedicated to progress through innovation incentives, enhancing its production processes, and considering continual improvement of product quality as a top priority. Since its establishment, Paydarsaz Chemi  has created a dynamic approach to the PVC market, achieving a distinctive position.

We proudly announce that products under the brand name of Paydarsaz Chemi  have gained recognition and preference in the PVC industry. Our commitment to continuous improvement of product quality and performance fuels our drive to create added value for customers and the PVC industry.

For this reason, Paydarsaz Chemi Company with its dedicated and expert team, supports its production technology’s research and development to stay at the forefront. We always strive to meet the changing market needs and enhance customer satisfaction.

As a significant contributor to sustainable PVC industry development, we are committed to providing superior-quality products and achieving international standards. Leveraging our experience and expertise, we aim to earn customer trust, strengthen effective collaborations with industry partners, and establish long-term relationships to achieve shared goals.

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View of the Paydarsaz Chemi factory

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