Tin stabilizers

Tin Mercaptide

Methyl tin mercaptide (Payastab MT-19)
Butyl tin mercaptide (Payastab BTM-404)
Octyl tin mercaptide (Payastab OTM-804)

Tin stabilizer

Tin Stabilizer is a colorless substance for the thermal stability of PVC, which, in addition to thermal stability, creates a good primary color and high transparency in the PVC compound, and it can be used in extrusion, injection, and soft and transparent applications. Thermal stabilizers are widely used in the PVC industry. Tin stabilizer can be used in combination with other stabilizers such as zinc calcium to have a synergistic effect on the PVC compound.

of carboxylate type (Tin Cabroxilate)

Methyl tin carboxylate (Payastab MTC-188)
Butyl tin carboxylate (Payastab BTC-408)
Octyl tin carboxylate (Payastab OTC-808)

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